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  • Vacuum Bags

    Available with or without zipper
  • Food Saver Bags

    or special surface or embossed vacuum bags to be used with external clamp vacuum sealers
  • KF108

    combines the benefits of compact design and efficiency
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KeepFresh 108

The KeepFresh Home Commercial Vacuum Sealer KF108  combines the benefits of compact design and efficiency. This rugged little unit has some of the features found on industrial snorkel vacuum sealers at a fraction of the price. Features such as a retractable metal nozzle, dual side by side seal and a solid state seal timer. Used in quality control laboratories in electronics, food processing facilities, it has also proven useful to homemakers, fishermen, backpackers, and collectors of books, coins, etc. This is the ONLY low cost vacuum sealer that does not require the use of special bags.

With this vacuum sealer, you can seal bags up to 10.8" wide. Find out more.

Increased Storage Life

Ensures the freshness of your product up to five times longer than the average storage methods.

Better Protection

Manufactured out of tough 3.5, 4, or 5 mil materials as opposed to other manufacturers’ common 3 mil plastic, our bags provide better protection against the elements.

Preserves Freshness

Removing air and locking out moisture preserves the freshness of your product providing cooks, gardeners, hunters and survivalists unbeatable Vacuum Seal protection.